Morgan Mannino is a young artist working between New England and the Southeastern part of the United States. She is a Midwesterner by birth, a Southerner at heart, but spends most of her time working and studying in Boston, MA. She is an old soul navigating the space between where we are situated today in culture and the cultural changes that have happened from the dawn of the 20th century onwards.

When she is not making art, she is pouring over something in the kitchen, licking her fingers from some foodstuffs, or reading and researching about the time she was never a part of.

Her work navigates through the gray areas found between these polarities:

low brow / high brow
video game culture / high art culture
craft art / fine art
Kraft food science / Green food science
low brow food / high brow food
artisan / industry
past / future
old / new
southeast / northeast
femininity / masculinity
celluloid / digital
lard / crisco
localization / industrialization
private / public
loose lines / tight lines
white bread / wheat bread or no bread
hands on / mouse on